Discussion on several methods of increasing the retention rate of App users

With the popularization of

intelligent mobile phone, not the development of mobile Internet, the most effective method to enhance various App user retention which emerge in an endless stream continues to rise, you want to get your user is not so easy, between APP and users will generally go through four stages, from the initial meet each other again. To the mid and late part fell in love. Every intimate contact there is "separation" risk, because users slightly dissatisfied, it is possible to uninstall APP, then how to improve the retention rate of App users, Xiaobian from the following points for everyone to explain.

asked: what is retention rate?

answer: when there is an application in the Internet, users of the application in a certain period of time, and after a period of time still continue to use the application user called retained users, which accounted for the proportion of users when new users is the retention rate, retention rate (RR) is the most the basic index analysis of users in different stages of the life cycle, developers can use to determine the day retention rate of new users will stay, by week retention rate to determine the conversion ratio of loyal users, by month retention rate to determine the product life cycle, then began to rational planning of products, improve the product shortage.

asked: "what are the ways to increase retention through product operations?"


answer: 1, to solve the problem is the key

on the Internet many APP developers will pay attention to application too, always speak in the first place, although we can not say that this is wrong, but we can say that this approach basically belongs to the chase by the end of this, does not keep the user. As a good developer to know whether a APP can survive in the Internet, and it is not perfect, but depends on whether the user can solve practical problems, therefore, to properly solve customer problems, to help customers to survive is APP


2, reduce

as much as possible

although we cannot guarantee the technical staff in the preparation of the code, the function development process can be done without bug, but to do as much as possible to reduce the occurrence of bug, because for users, they are most concerned about, the most sensitive is the problem of bug affecting the user experience. Therefore, APP operators, we must first solve the bug problem, the most basic to ensure that the user most commonly used functions, the real no bug, such as: Apple on-line review, the most important two standards is no crash and no bug.

3, updated regularly, adding small functions,

App is not updated regularly, appropriate to add some features can be said to be the best way to increase user retention, some developers will often spend time in App planning an on-line function, and hope to have a larger increase of retained, but the result is just passable, but some users to enhance the small functional experience, beyond the expected improvement of retention. But it’s worth!