A local forum for the development of busy confused thinking

has been working on a local forum for the last year….

I personally think that the site to the local development is an inevitable trend, we can see now indeed there have been many webmaster into the development of the local website development, in here, just enter the station when to place in a lot of stationmaster, the direction of a problem, there is no emphasis on local station "" two words, that is the content of the site must be around the place, once the deviation, lost the meaning of local station.

how do you say, for example better understanding, for example: I was in Danyang, if you do a website called "Danyang FLASH" is meaningless, because only in Danyang or Danyang to see Flash FLASH? You have to "Danyang Flash"?? no matter how to so unreasonable! If this local station, one is the other parts of the country to visit the readers to see the name can’t help "no" to second, the total population of Internet on the other hand, his place is not much, he is obviously reducing their clients, reduce their own fans, so the local station it is very difficult to develop for long, and so on the website and "(names) film" city "(place) entertainment." (names) game "……

because such websites have the same problem – not paying attention to and around the "local" two word

, but if this is the place, station (place name) talent exchange, "(place name) property information" ("place name") making friends"…… Such a web site is different, because such a web site to seize the "local" two words, such a site to effectively seize the local station market demand lifeline, precisely because of talent, property…… Indeed, the content of the region is relatively strong, so that reflects the significance of the existence of the local station, and also gives a clear reason why other people come to see my local station!