Buy group net encounters growth pressure how does poineering website spin magnificently


Groupon has been blasting the ocean on the other side of the valuation of $1 billion, Groupon quickly Huobian Chinese! By the launch of a group purchase website daily life service or consumer goods to the web site above, gathered strong popularity due to the formation of group purchase scale! Mode mostly limit panic buying so much. Stimulate the consumer’s psychological panic buying, the number of movie online line on the first day of the group purchase of glutinous rice reached as much as 150 thousand! This result makes a lot of people in both the number of domestic group purchase website be struck dumb!, is also straight up! According to incomplete statistics, the number of domestic group purchase website has reached more than 1000 of which are from all walks of life! The leader of the Legion, operation, such as Sohu’s family group, Qianxiang rice network, a subsidiary of Tencent, owned by QQ group purchase love club, 58 Buy 58 nets and so on! Now buy group industry competition already advance into white hot state! Group buying industry is bound to lead to the first round of reshuffle!


group purchase mode, the current market regulation is almost blank, in this environment, also caused a large number of illegal group purchase websites, these sites are often named after the user draw group purchase, funds will be closed! Because the construction cost is not high, such illegal activities are basically in the form of guerrilla activity! Is commonly known as the shot for a place, these illegal group purchase website after absorbing a large number of users of funds, will close the site, for a domain name to cheat


in this market environment, many of the formal business website in a born to suffer the test of integrity, and due to lack of funds and stagnant! But which also have a good momentum of development, global network ( is one of them, "network on July 5th on the line to steady development, has been achieved on the sales order more than 500 global network! Conduct in the cosmetics group purchase, attention to operation, low-key development! According to its founder said, has achieved the average daily sales of more than twenty thousand yuan! And there is a broad space for development! > group purchase mode should belong to a kind of electronic commerce, electronic commerce is always a topic of growing pressure too profound to be understood, mainly in logistics distribution and operation order management, these points, on sales of 500 single is a threshold, "network founder, now has slowed the pace of development, construction and based on the standard of service, including channel inspection standards, service standards, customer service, logistics and distribution automation management standard, standard order statistics standard, it must now be a series of measures to strengthen to a certain height, to be able to cope with the day after the development appears in the process problems, to give consumers a confidence in group purchase environment! And the formation of competitive advantage, with other strong competitors brought pressure


behind the operation of e-commerce, there must be a steady flow of cash support, while its own development, but also brought about by the growth of financial pressure. This also makes many entrepreneurs look!