ndustry recruitment website how to do three months began to profit

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, author of this paper: Sun Hongzhe, director of operation of Jiangxi women’s talent network,

            in China, the web site operators based companies in the Internet industry, but the operating cycle is long, investment cost is always the most difficult to these enterprises, except in part by supporting operation of venture capital, most on the way down, so how to realize the network company short-term profits has become the focus of our attention so far, I share Jiangxi female talent network short-term profit operation experience to all of you here, hope to help.

1, website positioning to be precise: first, to estimate the profit point, and traditional industries or emerging industries combined; secondly, the name of the site to play a banner, let people familiar in reputation in Xiang; again, the domain name is better in mind, so that others can directly through the browser in the short term memory in your review the site (such as: www.jxnxrc.com , is the "Jiangxi female talent;" initials).

2, personnel: the personnel of the company to save the patient, as far as possible to save the cost, to select talent to implement the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore face now, the financial crisis and the severe forms of employment, to avoid many problems brought by direct use of graduates, from the campus recruitment of interns, before graduation internship period, because during the internship recruitment (batch is no wages, can give a living allowance) through the practice of 2 -3 months preferred stay, the best is 10 choose 1, then fill the vacancy.

3., the business team should be pragmatic: organize a very strong business team, in the website construction cycle for business content learning, in website promotion >