For life for love march forward courageously a nameless stationmaster’s cry

that day, when you turned around, the moment you announced that it was over,


from then on, one south, one north, clearly opposite, heading for the two world, facing the fading past, what else can I do except tears and memories, what can I do?

blood spurt youth, I become silent speechless, reality is how helpless, I also how weak,.

5.06 years, I was so painful, live fucking life, I was black and blue,.

07 years, I never felt panic, I was like a stray bird, looking for the direction of the family, looking for the embrace of love…… The winter is extremely cold, the cold of a hundred years can freeze everything, and my heart is frozen.

however, people can not always incomparable confusion, we should actively life, we must dare to face the bleak life, in 2008, although the beginning is a little messy footsteps! But I also believe that there is a miracle, because Admin5 and


and have given me new hope,


has been diving at Admin5 and decided to send this message today. Here at