Doubt how to make the road from the media more efficient and smooth

with the development and maturity of social products, the spread of information is no longer difficult. It can be said that a valuable message can be achieved by means of tools within a short period of time to achieve a huge range of communication, and this directly contributed to the formation of self media. In fact, early since the media are mostly based on blog form, but with the blog content in the form of backward and reading population loss, we have to look to the more dapper micro-blog and WeChat. From the media for the support, many webmaster friends in droves, why? Because there is a fan of the economy in the Internet, when your opinions or opinions of others can be selected to constitute a guiding role, naturally there will be a commercial value, and this is clearly all the pursuit of things.

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from the media can do is quite difficult, not only is a novice, for some of the master, how to maintain the high quality of the creation is a tricky problem in a very long period of time. And even more sad is that, even if they write something that they think is valuable, others will not buy it, and this is the present situation of grass roots from the media. In fact, any time, things are to follow the law, since the media is not good, but still there are success, their successful experiences have a certain inevitability, and study their experience for our own creation from the media will help, so in the eyes of the pen, since the media how to create


first of all, from the media, people need to choose the most suitable platform for their own industry attributes. I have successively, specialize in. We can only maximize our values in areas that suit us, and that is the first condition for us to move from the media. Any people from the media to understand the professional industry only based on our real familiar with this industry, only enough to understand something in order to continue to have ideas emerge, blindly to the series to think only momentary hero cannot be sustained by readers. Since the media needs a kind of credibility, the credibility is at the right platform to show up, micro-blog and WeChat are similar, but the former is the media, the latter attribute partial service we still need to choose according to their own situation to consider a.

secondly, anyone who wants to be from the media needs to be packaged. To build a good image is not something that is false or empty, but rather, it is the key step that we will carry on from the media, and in the process I do not object to the use of some techniques. As we now pay attention to the face project, although the quality of the content is reflected from the time, but we can not veto the first impression in the reader’s role and status in mind. Appropriate packaging, so that their identity and status has "special", really will bring twice the result with half the effort. Imagine, in the face of a XX network, SEO engineers and a self-taught friend, you would prefer to believe which one, the same reason, since the number of media, the industry also has more overlap, want to let others remember