How to improve the weight of Web sites in search results

on the web site in the search engine weight problems, and how to achieve crawling spider on the site of the daily patronage. I started to explore prehistoric civilization network from March 2009 to now, just half a year, from the beginning of August Baidu update normal maintenance in daily update more than one frequency, appears to have the assessment period, summarizes the experience, for our colleagues to share their ideas.

1, site column set

column settings to be stable, can not change, do not change, this will be done in place before the site, the correlation between columns stronger, as far as possible the same side of the theme of the site. Do not covet big and all, my prehistoric civilization exploration network began to make this mistake, leading to the home page weight reduction, to the more than 10 page to find.

2, try not to do the collection (if you do garbage station, ignore this)

for a theme website, try not to capture, such as I explore prehistoric civilization network topics include: Pyramid, the Mayan civilization, like Atlantis, can make the content of so many, updated every day about a year’s time, I can estimate the content to do the whole. I have been collecting, but the content is not Baidu Google acquisition of love, but also prone to problems, can bring some traffic to the site, can not bring real value to the reader, so don’t try to collect.

3, advertising

advertising on the one hand will reduce the speed of the site visit, on the other hand can also cause the user antipathy, but we could not put advertising, how to do? Try to put Baidu and Google ads, after all, they decide our weight, put their ads, hum, they shall also open one eye closed one eye of


in particular, do not put pop-up ads, like the first video of that, really do not put, or you will really regret it.

4, content update,

this, to other websites related to the topic, updates faster site collection, every day to read several times, this to be a lesson, update immediately turn away, even if false original don’t count, because of the emergence of the early search engines will accept your content if it is at the beginning of the website, a large part of the content included to display search results so early in the collection of a few days later, the webmaster friends insist, ha ha.

5, site access speed

naturally, needless to say, if the search engine opens your website every time it takes more time than someone else’s Web site, will it like you?

6, perseverance

, this is a little metaphysical, huh?. In fact, a website as long as a continuous update, don’t do SEO optimization, not every day consumption on the site, will see a day, as long as your site can really bring value to the reader, can let them see what they want to see the East.