How can an enterprise website break the embarrassing situation without content


in twenty-first Century with the advent of the information age, more and more traditional enterprises to break the traditional mode of operation, the company’s products to online sales to the user, it can also be called e-commerce, this type of website can also be called enterprise website. The enterprise website actually compared to other sites, to start the optimization is very simple, but many enterprises station operators will complain, enterprise content is too professional, every day do not know what it should update some content. Faced with this "no content can write" embarrassing situation, the author has specialized research, and later through practice, found that there are still some ways to break this situation, the following to share with you.

first: around the business owner keyword editing technical articles

technical articles are not good to write, this we all know well, but the technical articles in the enterprise station performance value is very high. This is not asking you to create a webmaster technical article, but by looking for a few good article search keyword enterprise station in the site some large news sites, industry, finally summed up the essence, the formation of a head is the technical articles.

second: edit introductory articles around enterprise products

said above, technical articles are not suitable for every day to write, then we can write in addition to technical articles, what else can be written? The answer is the introductory article of the product. Many enterprises do not pay much attention to their own product page, think the product page as long as there is a picture is enough, in fact, this is a big mistake. Enterprise Station webmaster can around this aspect to do the content, for example, according to the product features, advantages, uses and so on to edit some introductory article, such as the following picture:


enterprises add every product page, we will edit the article in these pages, so no fear of enterprise station no content can write.

third: edit successful case stories around trading results

sales website will deal, actually users are still very concerned about the website trading results, because it is related to their website and after trading smoothly. Our enterprise station can also seize the user’s psychology to edit some trading results of the website. For example, the author’s website is the sale of industrial machinery, and when successful customers and we signed, we can edit a series of description of the transaction process and the results of the transaction, as follows:


such articles, originality is still very high, not only can receive the search engine’s favor, but also can solve the situation without content can write, is a two birds with one stone.