How did Sina experience the news

in the author’s impression, there are several things that can be a proof of sina brand:

1 and Chen Tong sleep with the TV on. Sina chief Chen Tong, after years of editing work developed a habit of going to bed at night, often turn on the TV, into half asleep state; when there is great news, Chen Tong immediately woke up, quickly arrange reports. This is a story I heard about Chen Tong at a party. It seemed inconceivable to others, but it was a true portrayal of Chen Tong’s early career as an editor. Due to jet lag, daytime news in the United States is often broadcast late in the evening in China and is often missed for hours if it is reported in the morning of the second day. In the four pass, Chen Tong period, it is also relying on this spirit, the completion of 98 World Cup coverage.

2, 08 Alibaba network business conference. At the beginning of August this year, the Alibaba held a business meeting in Hangzhou. Second day meeting schedule, there is a link to ask questions. A network operator asked, at that time a particularly sensitive question: at that time, the administration of industry and Commerce intends to let Beijing’s online shop to receive licenses, many scholars and network operators issued a voice of doubt. At that time, I sat beside a Sina Technology girl, called Han Li. I look at her answer Ma Yun quickly recorded, while looking for relevant information, finishing a news: "Ma Yun first talk about online new regulations: has reached an intention with the relevant departments.". Ma Yun answered, it is already 12:30 noon, the morning meeting is over, a lot of media are hurry to eat, she is there, while looking at photography equipment, while finishing the article. Later, I found this article on Sina. The time for posting was 12:37.

details of these two, one is at the top, a general editor of the body, perhaps for these they used to have, but in the eyes of outsiders, it is not difficult to understand why Sina information can be quickly and timely, why Sina can become the first brand of network media.