90 university students station experience

I am a college student in the school of 90, do stand has been for several months, the summer began to see aspects of the article, learning basic knowledge, see the stationmaster of a lot of personal experience, do feel full of challenges, but also can make money, although don’t care how much money, but I want to be a good, will make money, as well.

from September beginning began their real learning website, in fact it is not really what is learning to learn programming, the station will learn, this is not my specialty, I majored in mechanical and electrical integration, can I do stand in, so don’t say me, I do the webmaster. The first station to want to do Wangzhuan the station, after all the first time that is from the station to do Wangzhuan on the website to see the site can make money, with a fiery heart on the road to see the webmaster, some webmaster friends said it is a road of no return, I also know this the road is full of thorns, there will be a lot of difficulties in front of me, but I know I will insist, I won’t be so easily defeated, I will succeed in doing meaningful things. Before the very silly in Baidu search to make money online, see a lot of money, what survey Wangzhuan station, money, money to vote, see I was very excited, as if I were found in the new world, the original Internet can make money! I began to do a variety of Wangzhuan station project, registered a lot of station account have much to remember, oh! To do for a long time only received one click station one yuan, second times the application did not give me, email him also don’t return to me, from the start I doubt, this can not go on, I give them to work, but they comfortable. The vote also made a try, but not dial-up, can not change IP, but also can not earn money, playing a few yards also gave up. So far, I don’t want to give them a part-time job, so I will go to the website,


is the first to do Wangzhuan station, I will not send the website, is the kind of investigation recommended Wangzhuan, others registered Wangzhuan Wangzhuan like voting, game, I made some is what I have done, but are either time-consuming, unless you push a lot of people do. Those clicks I don’t recommend, is I no longer believe that domestic click Wangzhuan abroad I don’t want to do, so I can not recommend, later found some fake Wangzhuan project, I was immediately removed, I don’t want to be cheated, so do not want to deceive others, others have to my website, if I cheat him, that I was not to be a sinner. Later did not go to the network to earn a station, and did not make money, and that station has been hung, a few days off, and this is also a failure example, and I hope the novice webmaster do not follow my footsteps.

second is now in place to do the site navigation, navigation station to do is from a friend and exchange, he made a navigation station, do also have more than one year! Is now 700 yuan a month income! Is the main Taobao guest to make money, the second is the search alliance, there is advertising.