Amoy Amoy promotion income 368 81 yuan in my opinion

I do guest income of most of the day, write down the guest promotion in my opinion, I hope you like me, from the understanding of Tao to love Amoy

on the guest I believe we are very understanding, here is my understanding of the guest, if you are a guest master, please forgive me for my opinion.

What is the Amoy


2. why are more willing to do Amoy instead of


3. is how to effectively promote the Amoy commodity

?What is a

guest: generalized Tao should be by all means to meet the needs of Amoy baby who, along with Alibaba " Amoy promotion " launch, Amoy a new definition: by Ali

mother platform to help Taobao shopkeeper promotion baby. You can be a member of Taobao, or you can be another member of your mother’s register, including the webmaster of the personal website, blogger,

early Amoy membership network.

two PK by guest manager, you can find the answer to why more willing to do guest

Tao to do: a B

issued commercial promotional merchandise

store manager to do: a release merchandise, B promotional goods, C purchase, D customer service, E delivery,

advantage: no purchase manager guest / customer service / delivery and other troubles

Amoy capital investment can be zero cost:

manager of the capital input: purchase costs, logistics costs

about the goods,

managers can only make limited funds for a certain class or a variety of goods for sale, and when business difficulties, it is difficult to adjust the type of goods

guest can have mass merchandise, but also can get high credit or selling goods to the promotion, because the manager who are willing to find a way for their own products

three is how to effectively promote Amoy goods, I personally think that the two kinds of effective promotion methods, the first is to write text, if a better understanding of a certain commodity, you can

this commodity is discussed, (of course, the method is discussed a variety of), but I personally think the best soft Wen is, the product into the article, your readers won’t think your soft Wen is wide


report, and can give your readers with useful information or knowledge, this is the Amoy promotion methods are more effective, second professional guest shopping sites (such as love (, and Amoy Amoy bar group with the operation, maintenance, scale effect, as early as a network of people of Ziyun in this way the Ali Mama guest promotion is tested, the two months, turnover is zero income of only two days, the other time is a commission.