s it really difficult to write a soft text

yesterday in Webmaster online see about soft Wen how to write some articles, cause my thinking. Although I am not a web site promotion expert, but not the soft writing of the cattle, and more can not return to the soft writing expert. But I still want to own ideas and these days to write some of the soft writing experience, write to share with you. Who let me be a personal webmaster, right?

you go to the webmaster every day to see the content of others, learn from other people’s experience, but don’t share your experience with everyone, that should be contrary to the original intention of the station – sharing of resources and sharing of experience. As the title. We started down, if you are soft, the master or expert level people, please laugh.

first of all, we should understand the purpose of writing this article before writing soft text. If there is no purpose of writing, or in order to get some IP and write, then I can tell you, you’d better don’t write. The purpose of writing soft text is to publicize your website and bring more backlinks to your website. Eventually increase the weight of your website. Instead of getting a few IP from people.

write a soft text, we have to design the title of the article. The title played a big role in the success of the article. When writing soft text, must remember this point, is also we should carefully consider. It is better to add the name of your station to the title. This effect is very good. For example, I wrote a few days ago, "I created the Baoding 123 reasons", although so far, my Baoding 123 has not been included in Baidu. But now from Baidu search: Baoding 123 when the name of this station, you can really find the first content is that I wrote the soft text. Effect can be said to have achieved my intended purpose. (from the search for this keyword, I also found a point: my article starting almost all webmaster network, but the search results in the first page of the first is not webmaster network. It seems that this reason should be considered. Editor, please delete this sentence, it seems that the weight of the inside pages of the webmaster net is somewhat low. Personal view, for reference only. ) writing the title is not blunt, add the title to your station name. Be skillful and reasonable. Otherwise stiff join. That can only cause resentment to readers. If you start writing an essay without thinking of a good topic, don’t write it. And so on, according to an idea written, and then carefully examined, and finally come up with a very beautiful title. But definitely not for the title and become the title of the party.

Title Design, we have to say the content. You look at other people’s soft Wen, read more, see more, will certainly see the writing techniques and techniques. I read a lot of soft Wen, nothing to see, almost all of the webmaster online soft text. It is not difficult to find many excellent works. These works did not make any speculation about the hot spots. Instead, I describe the things I see, the ideas I think, and the personal experiences of doing web sites. It is described in a very plain language. Write out your own practical experience and experience. Is the crystallization of your wisdom. Some friends do not. Somebody else station >