Discussion on local forum and the strategy of website development


I think, in addition to the corporate nature of the site, the proportion of local sites should be great?. The local web site trend should start after Xiamen fish net and Hangzhou 19 building financing, a large number of a large number of local websites have sprung up overnight. Now, according to the author’s massive data, the local website has already entered the saturation stage actually. Can you imagine? Some more than 500 thousand people in the small town, he abruptly has a number of ten local web presence, not to mention the municipal and provincial level. Since the pressure of competition is so great, then these webmaster will go from here, the development of the road and where? And after reading this article, you will know,


, let’s start with the basics of local websites. I have to mention Qin Gang teacher wrote the article about the car website article about the website style template: he said: Chinese the automobile vertical websites of traders who are extremely too lazy to think, you do not look at the letter car home, easy car network, the Pacific Automotive Network this top 3 car website homepage, basic all looks almost the same, if you put the 3 of them stood open at the same time, the mouse slightly downward pull, do not see the website of the LOGO, estimated that few people can really know what is now in the car home, or car, or the Pacific Automotive network. There is a website name: if we built cars like the site, must highlight the personality, let people suddenly remember, for example, 36 krypton, tiger sniffing, their names are very good, even if your car website called "vehicle network" is called "* * car network better. In fact, the principle is the same, our local website is also this truth. Such as the template, whether you are using phpwind or discuz or WordPress, I think there is a large part of the original template or online free template? Yes, you should say these templates are easy to get started, why not? Yes, the original template and easy to use, no two development of the template source code is simple, but we can do such a metaphor: if you go to the mall, the one on the left is look very beautiful, give a person a kind of comfortable warm feeling, one on the right is looks very old, simple, gives a bleak feeling; so excuse me, are you choose where to go shopping? I think most people choose to go to the warm? Well, you said you want to go to the right, I am silent… What are the names of these websites are? * * * * * * network portal forum??? Yes, a local website, the name is correct, but you need to know the name is not already being elders to account for you? A new website is also called the name. There is no novelty, easy to remember? Well, I did not do so, the name of Luohe commercial network is also not good, write original articles very troublesome, check a lot of information, the idea for a long time, so I hope to write.