How do entrepreneurs position themselves

In fact,

shopping malls such as the battlefield, there are successful failure, a lot of people are not clear to the end why they will fail, in fact, a lot of people in the beginning of the positioning is not done.

positioning theory successful cases are occurring in the FMCG industry, the Internet industry can also use

positioning theory?

but the Internet industry has its own characteristics, first of all, there is no threshold of entrepreneurship, there are overnight out of many competitors, especially Chinese is a copycat country, you should do well, overnight out of a lot of people follow you, leave your development time is very calm limited. In the United States, many Internet companies have a clear business model, development is listed as soon as possible, and then offering to money. Many companies in the United States is still struggling to achieve profitability.

if there are some industries are not applicable to the positioning theory of


start-ups to self positioning, the difficulties in the