Grassroots Webmaster do not finish the station earn money

looked up, and I do not know how many people, a window, a dream at this time. How many grassroots webmaster, then burn the midnight oil.

looking back, has been buried in the Admin5 for nearly two years. Although money is not much, but experience has increased countless, have seen countless people in the fierce making, in the smart earned, many sites are slowly drying up. Some see into the sea on the two mulberry, dead flowers, many owners feel hard to earn the money, almost inaccessible, suddenly look back, that money is in the grassroots, dim.

grassroots Adsense really difficult to make money? Many QQ friends asked me, how to make money, what kind of website can make money, promising. I do not know how to answer, only hastily perfunctory, do some industry websites. In fact, now that it is wrong, it should be what websites can make money, the key is in depth and investment.

Both the

industry website, or spam sites, or what website, have to make money, someone in distress, grad. The difference between joy and sorrow is in that devotion.

do domain name can make money, of course, can earn, see a lot of grassroots input domain name, millions, hundreds of thousands of earned, many domain name buy back on appreciation, sell double. Choose the opportunity, previously a random number of 4 domain names, such as at that time a few hundred, I just picked a dozen registered, and now all appreciate to 5000-10000. It is said that is similar to this, 3 years ago, that is, 2000, now 100 thousand. 3 years of renewal, is 200 less than it, and the CN Pinyin domain name, domain name, and opportunities, the day before a ready to renew the domain name Newsport what, there are buyers forced to take 2000 to buy. The future domain name, the company’s Pinyin or initials domain name is more popular. A lot of people think that now is the late domain name, in fact, it is not late at all, 4 years ago, feeling registered domain name late, good people have been done, and 3 years ago, feel good CN have been robbed of others. But at any time, but also opportunities, for the next few years, live on, and now there are 20 million of the company, the future of the market, very powerful, very violent.

spam sites have no future, have seen a new! Website, a WPS website, 3 pages, more than 2000 IP a day to do a union, it is said that a month income 2000, some time ago to go to school, the website cheap deal 5000, now buy a house it is said that a month can earn 5000 dollars. Similar to the QQ space, non mainstream, ut , 3gp, and so on, too many hot keywords. Http://

has a little brother made a asian friends page, relying on Baidu search, there are also 200 dollars a month.