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first briefly explain my this method, in fact, very simple, that is, to collect content, generate HTML, and then allow a large number of Baidu included. Some people will say, I often do some collection work, but I did not come to any big flow ah. Ha ha, I want to tell you, it depends on what you collected,

what I have collected is the forum, and I only concentrate on the collection work of IT forum. At present, most of the IT forums on the Internet have been visited by me, so I have made no small returns in this respect. Let’s get to the point,

as you all know, doing traffic from search is the fastest and most effective way, and therefore constantly people do B, people are constantly being blocked. We also start with search, but we don’t make B. We provide a lot of content to search for, and then let the search steady to bring us traffic.

from the search traffic in two ways, one is the popular keywords, such as free movies, if your home page at the top of it, a day from Laiyiwanduo above IP, but it was too dangerous, you will disappear after two days, not a permanent solution. One is a child page that brings traffic through a large collection of methods. This method is better, a keyword, the amount is not large, but if we set up hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands of small words, the amount is not small case. In fact, the amount here is actually more impressive than the popular ones.

our collection is used in these second ways.

, let’s talk about the acquisition, will it work,


I tell you, this method of mine must be effective, effective before and now, and will be effective later. Unless there is no search, as long as the search still exists, it will update the content collected, and we can do a lot of pages as long as the search included, it will certainly bring traffic, is not it?


, and the fastest way to do a lot of pages is through the collection.

Why did

choose forum

?Most of the content on

is focused on forums and interactive platforms, where he has a large amount of information.

there is also one of the most important search habits and competition between websites.

says search habits,

users often search for them. We found that the content and Internet forum postings using Baidu search and forum motivation is very similar, these two are complementary, people can not find the search to the forum to ask people, or the forum did not find search (so that Baidu now has a Post Bar). Some of the posts in the forums are very similar to search keywords (when you’re free, you can study the user’s search habits), and so it’s easy to search. The content of the forum, if you enter the search, you will find that your click rate is very high.

competition issues,

first, most of the posts on the forums are >