Did 8 years stationmaster still be in now begin As a warning

as a webmaster, he is undoubtedly failure. Now looking back, any one of the establishment of 8 years of website, which is not a very cattle B. Even if not cattle X, every day to get food and clothing, well-off is no problem.

and his own station, well, I do not have such a station for 8 years.

8 years ago, that is, 05 years. Began to contact the Internet, that year, the Internet is to go to the information. SEO has never heard of it. Of course, SP is said to be very hot.

later heard that the money was spent backstage in that year. Go into the back of the league, then stare at the revenue figures, F5 in a minute, and F5 later. Then every time F5 can see the numbers are going up. Think it’s cool.

I didn’t do SP at that time, because I didn’t know SP. At that time, in learning HTML, entangled in, and then learn ASP or PHP?. I’m still a high school student. I teach myself. I didn’t expect websites to make money like that.

uses HTML to build a web site with only a few pages, and feels very proud. Super achievement. Then I’m more addicted to the code. (as expected,


, but only a little fur, did not go deep, because there is no power, no driving force of interest, there is no power.

learn ASP on the way, then learn PHP, forget ASP, forget PHP, learn C, C++, and so on, come to 09 years.

, 09 years old, sophomore year. This year has been a turning point for me. Before that, I was thinking of graduating from college, looking for a job, and then struggling to become director of marketing, and then become regional manager, and then……

university life is very boring, and we have such a poor hanging wire of gay friend and girlfriend, not interested in. It’s even more boring.

so I want to see if I can make some money online because I’m still a little bit more technical. Just go to the task area in A5. At that time, Witkey network has also appeared. But it’s the bidding way, I don’t like it very much. Or A5 good, direct contact, do it alone, do the payment, can not do it.

and the task area at that time is for everyone to see. Not like this.

orders are a lot of fun because a lot of things don’t happen to you. But Baidu will. According to the requirements of others, and then Baidu once, estimate if you can solve, you can contact other people. Then, Baidu side of their own to others to solve.

because of incompetence, only some small, but the speed is not fast. So the income isn’t much. But I learned a lot through the receipt.

For example,

Wangzhuan, picture stand, exchange chain, S>