How do you operate the first seed users Look at the 4 major communities such as millet the island


millet: let users have in-depth sense of participation,

in doing millet mobile phone system (MIUI), Lei Jun issued an indicator: do not spend money, MIUI will do 1 million users. So, the competent person in charge of Li Wanqiang MIUI only through the forum reputation all over the world: Global Forum for experienced users, few people registered hundreds of accounts, ads every day in the mobile phone Forum irrigation, carefully selected 100 super users, MIUI involved in the design, development, feedback etc.. With the 100 word of mouth communication, MIUI quickly spread.

at that time, Lei Jun will spend an hour every day to reply to micro-blog’s comments, even engineers should reply to the forum posts on time. According to statistics, there are about 8000 posts per day in the millet forum. On average, every engineer has to resume 150 posts every day. Also, after each post, there is a state that shows the extent to which the proposal was accepted and the Engineer ID, which gives the user a feeling of importance.

in addition, and other forums online exchanges are different, millet has a powerful offline activities platform, city will". Millet official every two weeks will hold millet city will in a different city, according to the background analysis which city users to decide how much the city will hold the order posted in the forum posted publicity after users enrolled in each event invited 30-50 users to the site and engineers do face-to-face exchanges. This greatly increases the user’s stickiness and sense of participation.

in addition to creating a sense of participation, millet also actively friends with rice noodles – this is Millet’s corporate culture, but also a kind of full behavior, for this reason, millet gave front-line employees a lot of power. For example, in the user complaints or uncomfortable when the customer service has the right to submit their own film or other accessories based on their own judgment. In addition, millet also attaches great importance to human services. Once a user called to say that he bought millet in order to send customers, customers get the phone, but also to their own foil, which is too much trouble. So, before delivery, millet customer service in order to fill the delivery of a film, the user is very pleased by the millet intimate.

In addition to giving employees rights,

will give users the right to set up "honor development teams" to try out unpublished releases and even participate in top secret product development. Although there are some risks in this way, it gives users a great sense of honor and a sense of identity, so that they invest more passion, participate in product upgrades.

millet quotes: "sense of participation" (the full text is ah……


is positive and Island: connections change money, for members to reduce the cost of choice

island is a social and sharing platform for Chinese entrepreneurs. His founder, Liu Donghua, realized in early 1999 that entrepreneurs need a community that provides valuable information and builds them