s there a chance to invest in domain names An old agricultural answer

The rapid development of

the Internet has spawned a lot of industries, such as the owners, SEO and so on, and one of the most active part is called: "rice farming". The origin of this name is because the domain name is a homonym for corn, and shift the domain name will become the "m" labor "farmers".

is not God’s will or coincidence, in view of the current situation of China, farmer is a low income groups, and the Internet farmers "rice farming", also failed to escape the fate. In addition to very few, such as: Cai big brother outside. Almost all of them are buying in bulk and hoarding lots. To make money, lose money in the majority, then the investment domain actually have a chance? If we carefully analyze


generally domain name money making is also a few ways:

first, domain name registration early, domain name good, be terminal watch, acquisition, such as kuxun.com.

second, the domain name is the well-known companies in other countries, such as the Google.cn acquisition, but it is almost one in a million chance, but once you are com domains and high risk, it is easy to be recovered


third, domain name is creative domain name, but do station flow is not bad, be bought.

fourth, digital short meters, any industry is suitable for registration has long been acquired, but at present, the following 4 digital domain names almost disappeared


we see the domain name investment opportunities, or money making opportunities may appear in the 99-2003 years, after which the good domain resources have almost disappeared, and after the emergence of N such as the.La/sh/ws/me domain personally think that the investment value is low, because the domestic netizens agree domain at present com/net/cn/com.cn four, and the four domain name suffix more more valuable. So we can get the sale after 2003 is probably also a creative m! And few successful cases of


understand the previous is how to make money on the sale now how to make money, investment is also affected by the corn rice farmers mostly someone bought a domain name price stimulation and their hobbies! Love this the one and only resources, but the domain name is a bottomless pit, need to continue investment, if not always make money slowly you will lose confidence, failure will become a habit! We are from several aspects to analyze several directions now investment domain, you may have the opportunity to succeed


Baidu Taobao: the first by Larry domain successfully stimulate, Pinyin domain name, especially maize is the focus of our investment Shuangpin, such as my hand now shenghuo.cn/dache.cn/pinche.com.cn/zhanz.cn. Of course, Com’s almost impossible! What’s left for us is domestic opportunities.

second: short numbers, but >