A junior year four kind of website webmaster site profit method

technology is not enough, the primary owners often lack of funds, a station, or a blog, a forum, but they have a common characteristic: the network with strong interests and hobbies, among them there are lofty, trash or blog as their children or love, make sure they are not clear with trace impurities in them.

I am one of many junior webmaster, there is a garbage station and a blog, I think, at the beginning, with dreams, the program to the cheap garbage space, will be excited for a night. As the difficulties stand in front of you, when the pressures of life to you under the unbearable, you first do stand enthusiasm still so hot? Would you like a lover like Pang dumpster you? A person living in this world is real. The network because of personal webmaster and prosperity, and personal webmaster can’t just three minutes instead of to the network give without asking for so many personal webmaster, calm after tend to think how to profit, it is also the site of the survival and development needs.

I love my garbage station as well as my son’s lover, but I also put something on him that might make money. Love is the matter basis, hungry all day, also talked about love? So in reality, so network, so my website let me spend a lot of time and energy, always let me lose money, maybe I would regard it as a burden.

station for more than a year, I tried to achieve website profit is better, due to limited conditions, many great ideas can only feel powerless and frustrated. In the highly technical network world, too many individual webmaster can never become a towering tree. Here, I put some of my website profitable method to write out, and discuss with you.

the first way: put in an affiliate ad,

this way, almost all sites will use, more relaxed, registration of an alliance, access to code, hang on the station, you can once and for all. But when the webmaster put on the league have to be screened, and now the league is too many, mixed, some advertising buckle serious, and even to the end, let you also can’t make one.

I think the best advertising alliance should be the Google advertising alliance. Not only is the price per click higher than that of other alliances, but the reputation is pretty good, too. It’s an alliance that really makes you make money, as long as you don’t cheat. The Google alliance sent me two checks for $more than 100 a year.

second ways: promotion survey website

online survey of money making sites, some webmaster may not care about, deceptive things too much, even if not deceptive, but also have to waste a lot of time, and the reward is so much more than 10 yuan. I also want to start these, a survey site gave me a bill soon after, real.