How can e commerce sites improve their conversion rates

whether you use any kind of online money making, you have to go through the following three steps: 1, use your method to attract visitors. 2, produce transformation. 3, delivery. That is, transaction money.

the above three steps, the method is the scope of skills, such as you can through SEO, through advertising, or through the use of the flow platform.

but you have to understand that traffic is not really our ultimate goal, if your site is tens of thousands of people visited, but your promotional products no man to buy, is not you eventually did not achieve the purpose of making money? If it is to sell a product, visits to nobody buy your product, or that people buy very few, then you should consider how to improve your conversion rate.

may have some friends who are not very clear about the concept of transformation and conversion. In fact, in one sentence to explain, that is if someone through your advertising deal, is transformed, and the conversion rate is a certain number of visitors, which accounted for a ratio of the number of transactions.

transforms talent into money, so transformation is the most crucial step in achieving income. The conversion rate must be improved. So how to improve the conversion rate from the following aspects?.

sure. For example, you sell the right brain king English learning machine, you go to beauty salons, forums and websites to promote, that is not enough directional. Because those people are not interested in learning english. You should study English where crowds of people congregate. And for example, you are site ranking, then you choose keywords also must be interested in English learning will search words. You can’t choose some key words about German learning,


two positioning. Positioning includes two aspects. 1 is your website’s localization, namely your website content must be your promotion product related. If a customer came in this website you do not know what to say, will immediately leave, and also how to read your advertisement? 2 is the positioning of your advertising, in does not affect the user’s level, to try to make their own advertising to be noticed. It’s hard to believe that you put your ad in a small corner and the customer will notice it. Advertising can not be noticed, but also how to talk about transformation,


three analysis. Insist on analyzing your customer behavior. For example, leave the ads on the left for a while, and then on the right for a while. From statistical data analysis, which places are the most vulnerable to customer clicks?. Data is the most favorable persuasion. Sometimes the problem you take for granted is not always right.

four psychology. To seize the customer’s psychology, advertising how to make customers more exciting, more desire to buy, sales are great knowledge, one or two words can not be said, to continue learning.

network promotion, how to improve the conversion rate is a need to continue to explore and understand things, I believe that constantly learning and adjustment >