Good operation is nothing more than designing a trap

recently, mutual gold industry, campus loan industry experienced a major reshuffle, a lot of peer friends feel a trace of fear, the money hit rate, money hit the market at this stage is no longer routine so good to do. We know that the original TV advertising is not what special authority of things, and in accordance with the so-called mutual gold to raise interest rates, interest free loan industry campus, is not that easy for customers, so what is the change of times, or our operating routines have known


back to the title, the operation of the gateway to the big say, can be infinite, to small said, nothing more than set up". I believe many people have seen a lot of detective novels, as described in the novels of "murder" plot often surprised, this is a set, attract you look down. Operate similarly, we use different trap different ways we need to attract customers to come in, and then a set of a ring "let customers deeper, until the completion of the transaction, we will continue through the trap after the completion of the transaction" (Trap) let them survive. And this so-called "trap" is our operational tactics.


"circle", that is, strategy (Strategy), Deng Xiaoping, Deng pioneer, when you delimit the circle, that is, our operations in the "circle", is the specific manifestation of the strategy. For example, we want to sell a product, then our overall product quality (Quality), sales audience (Audience), operation planning (Project) is an important way to form "circle". Here is the "strategic level" of things, "trap", "two characters" circle "before", "set" in the post, how to "set" live users, that is, after the text of the "tactical" (Tactics) level.

step by step, we first draw a circle, the circle size is correct understanding of our products, you can not expect to put an apple in the selling price of ten thousand yuan to one hundred thousand, in fact, audience of this activity is the circle area, and it is our operation planning of the circle draw the way. The strategy we consider tactical execution (Tactical execution), generally we formulate strategy that is responsible for the results, so that the time of execution of the tactics, only need to do their work, to improve their own should do and do, should not be responsible for the results. This view may be routine operations personnel can not accept, or even question the wrong operation scheme for our results will be awarded the boss! "In fact we made slightly, then just need to put each work assigned to the appropriate person, let them play to their specialty enough.

men go up high, and water flows downwards. When the overall strategy "strategy" shape, there will naturally be ripe operation results, and even the effect will exceed all expectations. Just as today’s downtown Shenzhen house is easily broken by 10 in the event of a square metre, Deng Xianqu may not be able to predict this circle