nterpretation of Seo’s optimized mentality

today, I’d like to talk about the psychology of website optimization. Do site optimization, to loneliness, withstand the blow, can withstand the pressure, these are very important for website optimization, website optimization, especially for work. A day before April 1st, the stock market website long in a message on QQ, ask me, his website in Baidu site on the remaining 20 pages, Baidu is not the adjustment algorithm. I told him yes, and many websites have appeared, the site included a sharp decline in the situation, and told him not to worry, concentrate on doing your own site can be, Baidu will later recover included.

in my comfort, he gradually calmed down, he can not understand is how can his website in a day included from tens of thousands of pages down to 20 pages, I can not understand is his response, I thought, if his site is Baidu K, how he would be. Do not stop.

Optimization for

company’s Web site, because the site optimization is a new occupation, so a lot of people, especially the boss can not understand the website optimization, website optimization test which is more patience and confidence, they usually hope your keywords into the search engine page in a very short period of time; they are usually not accept the website optimization keywords appear suddenly disappeared, the decline of website optimization of a common problem.

in website optimization, server replacement, domain name redirection, space is not stable, "large-scale changes, delete, search engine algorithm adjustment will lead to the keywords ranking drop, vanish. In the China of the Internet, in addition to Baidu, Sohu, Sina and other portals have an independent server, many small and medium-sized websites are shared servers and shared servers are unlimited, so when the maximum flow of your traffic exceed the limit, your site will be open the case in this case, your site keyword ranking will decline or even disappear.

for website optimization, website optimization occupation as more and more join the team website optimization, website ranking between the competition will be more intense, along with the continuous adjustment of the search engine rankings, site keywords and the decline will disappear It is often seen., in this case, if you can stick to it.

Now a lot of

website optimization with the optimization software, optimization software does increase website ranking rise speed to a certain extent, but the drawback is obviously, when the search engine update algorithm, using optimization software to optimize the website ranking will significantly decline.

all this, we need to calmly look at website optimization, we need to adhere to and confidence. For the website optimization, some people love to do outside the chain, but I personally think that the content is more important than the chain, the content should be in website optimization dominant, a good website to attract readers, only in this way, the website optimization will become.