58 advertising mission network construction problems and Solutions

website construction will always encounter a variety of problems, how can we better deal with these problems, so as not to expand the problem,

?Remember when

58 ad www.58task.com network has just established a task, I am also very headache, as a new station, facing the problem is too much, seem to is not processed, now recall website experience, summarize, organize, obtained some results. Of course, just a personal opinion, if there are different views, you can add my QQ93523423 consultation discussion, common development.

1 included questions

included can be said to be a new station the most serious problem, how can I let my website is the fastest speed is included, is the most headache problem, now on the network for this discussion is also the most. In fact, included station is not the ultimate goal is to get traffic, so we don’t need too much emphasis on being included, and Baidu reluctantly into the search engine, not a few a month, let Baidu slowly find you really get Baidu attention. I didn’t pay attention to Baidu at all, but I went to different forums every day and posted a message. This is the most stupid, the most effective method, for the new station, may not see the effect, but the post as the foundation of the mansion, one month, two months, it seems that even the ground did not leave, feeling into the building foundation is not possible.


, you know, any website, is to have a foundation, is the accumulation of post promotion, gradually, one day you will find that it is because of your numerous soft, numerous posts all over the Internet, the achievements of today.

2 task problem

website has just been established, there is no task, members come, but also white, as some ordinary forums now, members of more, no posts, no heat, is useless. My approach is to publish my own tasks. I issued a large number of registration tasks, propaganda, tasks, etc., in short, I want members to advertise. This period of time is the most difficult, when 58 advertising Mission Network almost overdraft, only people to cash in, no one to recharge. The site is difficult for any website will experience, but as long as slowly in the past, with the first recharge, then you will succeed, the development of future development is the opportunity.

wrote here today, tomorrow continues, if the recommended number of people, I will write order paste, think good people top,