Analysis of purchase desire and purchase intention of e commerce website

as a consumer, if you have this experience: you bought the book three years in, but never concerned about the book channel home, did not pay attention to the book on Banner, hardly ever book directory navigation.

you only use one function: search. On Taobao, you probably do the same: search, then filter, sort, and buy.

as a product manager in planning your site navigation, search, channel home page, the four special station entrance, if you want to, they are faced with different user groups; the different user groups, people only pay attention to product prices, while others pay special attention to product introduction and comment on


design electricity supplier website starting point is to understand and segment your users, such as new users and old users. Another important dimension for user segmentation: active users and passive users:

active users: the desire to buy and clear purchase goals, decision-making is more independent, less susceptible to interference;

passive users: have the desire to buy, but no definite purchase goals, need to be guided and stimulated;

for active users, take traditional bookstore for example, come straight to the target bookshelf, or ask the guide, XXX book where to place, buy go.

‘s Internet scene is like this: "you’re a fan of Li Kaifu, and one day he recommends a book," my success can’t be copied. "You’ll probably go straight up, then search, and then join the shopping cart.".

or that bookstore, if you hit it on the anniversary, I’m sure I’ll go in, because there must be discounts, this wandering behavior is passive users.

I use the website for example, because it’s typical and understandable.

about inbound traffic,

if a user enters the site via a title, of course, the landing page (Landing, Page) is on the pages of the book. Such users, your home page and product navigation, purely as a decoration, because he is active users: clear goals.

if a user enters the home page of a brand via a branding ad, you should recommend some books that might be relevant to him. For example, he came from a medical site, the first home, the two screen can be considered medical or health class; if it is a tourist website, should be…. Because he is passive user: the target is not clear, you need to guide him.

of course, this website design requirements are too high, at present, in addition to Amazon, Dangdang has not come to this step: personalization.

you went to the Jingdong to see a power outlet, and then you go to the Amazon home page, magical recommendation happened, and technical implementation may be based on the HTTP referer header, that is, the previous page of the product category.