How to use an existing visitor to expand the amount of access

how to use the existing visitors to expand the amount of access to the site, which is a very important problem for the webmaster, is a must seriously consider the problem.

in fact, the problem is how to change a view, let the visitors to help you, there is no It is without rhyme or reason. of love and hate, so let others help you, your site must let visitors feel help, or you can get some benefits, or you are especially good at this station pull the relationship between.

based on the above ideas, we have proposed some of the following options for you to choose, some have their own practice, and some have not yet had time to practice in person, but also hope that we continue to supplement through comments.

1. my site is Lantian jade PDF novel nets, free PDF eBook Downloads, a lot of netizens to thanks, let him find the books, so I just download page to write the following words "this site a total of nearly 10000 PDF e-books, Download all free, if you feel to help you, please go to the forum or blog to help promote this station, wish to express my sincere thanks!"

2. when telling others about their own website, do not tell him. But, "you go to Baidu search Lantian jade PDF novel network, you can find my site, I usually see their own website, but also will search through the search engines in the past, such as can be imagined.

3., I also need visitors to provide my own web site does not have PDF book, so specially made a upload page, many selfless users upload a lot of new books to me. Of course, I’m going to give some material rewards to friends who provide new books later.

4. to set up a QQ group, welcome visitors to the site to join, we discuss an interest and website related topics, and by the QQ group of friends, these friends will be your site promotion help.

5. I had an open sesame software, the use of voice recognition technology flashcards software, the child says tiger, there is a picture of a tiger, but. This software is a free software, but I still need to register, but free registration condition is in any forum or blog 2 posts, one post propaganda "Lantian jade PDF novel network", a post publicity of this software. Running for half a year, the results are good.

wrote so much, all of them should be mentioned. Welcome everybody to add.