How should the webmaster prevent the article from being reprinted

friends stand on the website of the original content are a headache, because he is an ordinary little webmaster, to write text, it is really difficult to do original, this also explains why the rise of the industry now to write soft text.

early station site is most in need of the original, but soft, soft Wen write well, you should be good, if their original being reproduced with no connection, it will think you are a reprint of others things are bad for your own website, is also a disadvantage. Soft text being reproduced is a very happy thing, because after all the things you want, all original, no fake, Baidu should also be very love, but people angry is that some people devoted to others into their own original articles, not only to go to others this in turn would bite you, confidently say to you "turn" of his original.

so when we sent the original must be careful, if the first soft want to release on his new website, give yourself the best way to attack, I said the attack path, is in the early site first to the large soft release site to hair, and add their own connections, such the effect is good, will let the search engine think your station is a good original station, later can on your own website, because if later Baidu think your station is good, and the chain, have the original, so that a search engine will frequently patronize your site, which is why A5. This paper will be a very popular search engine welcome.

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