Little webmaster for more than two years of experience summary

since its establishment in May 2006, it has been two and a half years since we started our website. From a person who only knows simple HTML code, he has grown into a grass root webmaster. One of the ups and downs, only oneself and the same site grassroots webmaster just know. Here is summed up in two and a half years do stand experience, to be a reference to enter or enter a new circle of friends, you can walk less detours.

1. selects network service provider

webmaster all know, whether it is registered domain name or buy space, this has to deal with network service provider, choose network service provider is very important. This is also related to the stability of the site and search engines included. I once ate the deficit in the space, just started the website time only to seek the cheap, did not understand this company’s situation, 100 yuan in a network company has registered a 1G space. It was pretty good when I started, and the interviews were normal. Later on, no, often can not access, contact customer service never reply, call is also often occupy the line. Rarely hit in once, tell me the server fault in the repair. Hard publicity to traffic, because this space instability problems are in vain, do webmaster most depressed thing, but so. So I decided to find a place to stay stable. The last lesson, after understanding this time I chose the Fuzhou local veteran Internet service providers Fuzhou web search company. The fact that my choice is right, the customer service system for two years web search company thoughtful and powerful technical support to accompany me through every day and night of the station, thanks to the web search company customer service and technical staff here.

2. selects the web site program

my first contact site management system is easy to operate management system, but also the most easy to use and help the system one of the most perfect, it is strongly recommended for novice Adsense use. The disadvantage of moving is that the template is not intuitive enough, and the search engine is not friendly enough. Now I website is a website management system DEDE, it is a completely free open source website management system, templates are HTML code, a HTML based webmaster can read, you can modify the template according to their own ideas. The disadvantage of this system is to help the system is not perfect, to the forum for help, and very few people reply, encountered problems can only study their own, or through the search engine to find the answer, suitable for a bit of basic use of the webmaster. Another is the Discuz forum program, and now the latest version is 7, interactive this piece of doing very well.

3. select ad alliance

at present, most of the webmaster’s main source of income comes from the advertising alliance, the credibility and stability of the advertising alliance, to a large extent affected the income of the webmaster. Here are some of the advertising League I’ve done. The most important advertising alliance is Google AdSense, it can be said that it is the highest income of an advertising alliance, but the recent audit is relatively strict, it is not easy to apply. Connection >