How to get a stable ranking

website ranking is not stable, just to find a webmaster can say a few reasons, many webmaster all understand, but why rankings are not stable, every day is a leap in the Baidu home page, see in the morning, afternoon went to second pages or even no shadow, or after all the weight is not enough, the execution of


is now a new station, the beginning of some ranking in Baidu keyword can be inside, then will enter the Baidu sandbox inside, there is a period between the general out of the sandbox! Website ranking is very good, this time we need to maintain good rankings, as a new station with no power, no weight the ranking is, it is easy to fall off, cause in the fall roughly analysis are the following:

, first of all, mentality

as a SEO worker, you should have a good mentality, some novice webmaster, a little easier to pride, achievement, or website ranking up, too happy and there is a negligence of the ranking came off, friends of the chain website ranking we will have to study on the basis of the existing online upgrade the rankings off we should learn a lesson, this question next time, there will be SEO countermeasures! Do not do well, the first is the mentality of


secondly, learn to use diversified originality to cultivate the weight of

talked about the original basically all understand, but not everyone is really understand? It is not certain, some people will say, is the original site updates, write this is the original, but the original is also a lot of skills, like diversification of the original, if it is in one way to write original articles of words, the role is small, Baidu spider will be exhausted, so we have to be at a plurality of different directions to write in the write original content at the same time, so every day is fresh, it can attract spider! Do SEO need to adhere to every day! Article two article original or may be difficult to stick to it, but the result is gratifying!

is the chain stable


off, can see the site outside the chain is on the decrease, for the new station outside the chain is very important, the chain do well based play work, it is good for the rankings, in addition the chain may be uniform, not a little more than a day, it is not stable to search! Cable caused by the impression is not good, is not conducive to

website ranking!

does cheating exist

some owners anxious, black chain to enhance the site weight, maybe the effect is obvious, but the black chain is not stable, and if the search engine, to monitor the consequences of cheating, needless to say, do SEO need perseverance, perseverance one step at a time! Will get permanent Title

, stable!

user experience

SEO today is not just content, the user experience is also important, Baidu is also getting more and more