Data corroboration open market stores easier than Tmall to make money

in the previous article, to the Commissioner for the promotion of employment network professionals who have written on the Taobao Mart stores than Tmall store more successful cases, and in the recent operation, through some data of the horizontal and vertical comparison, more support this perspective.

to the category of cosmetic shops to do as a case study, the first is to store the market as the main push, Tmall did not spend a lot of energy to do promotion, bazaar shop in the main way of drainage is accomplished by drilling exhibition. Re screening in September exhibition booth after drilling quality, bazaar shop because do not want to give up before a set of marketing concept and cause the reason of the low conversion rate, so they did not spend a lot of effort to do high-quality booth application, only through the favorites carousel banner, the transaction details page banner and small three station location drainage, and then with a daily train consumption 2000-3000 yuan a day sales basically stable at around 20 thousand yuan, while the actual investment promotion costs less than 5000 yuan. In addition, through Taobao passengers drainage, daily turnover of about 30 pen.

because the market flow encountered a bottleneck, it was decided to re Tmall as the focus of promotion, and the Tmall shop has entered the double 11 venue. Because Tmall’s qualifications have been submitted at the time of the submission, so high-quality booth does not need to apply, you can all open. When the market before the owners pushed the drilling position of the exhibition material uploaded through the audit, then the market stores a set of baby details page is copied to the Tmall store, drill exhibition promotion expenses from the beginning of the 1000 yuan slowly increased to 3000 yuan a day, which is to put in the main points of interest for the Lord, the lowest click on the unit price is 1 yuan, and has been stable at 2 yuan. And the location of a few clicks of market Inn basically is in 3.5 yuan to 4 yuan between, when tall even arrived 5 yuan.

after a period of time after the operation, found in a quantum background, is also a marketing concept, is also to show with the train of drilling drainage, but the market owners pushed to the black eye products rate can reach 5.3% in the October transformation, while the Tmall shop only 1.93%.

extension personnel after analysis, found that the main reason for two.


first, Tmall shop removal effect is not obvious evaluation, a total of 243, remove bags under the eyes, the effect of general evaluation of 178. Although in the evaluation of content, it seems that dark circles are weak, and black eye really has desalination, and so on, similar evaluation will be summed up to remove the effect is not obvious in this category of evaluation. The effect of bags under the eyes also need time to verify, and hope to improve the bags under the eyes and other similar evaluation will be summarized into the general effect of removing bags under the eyes of the evaluation. In the train and drill exhibition material, is to go pouch, black rim of the eye as an important selling point to show, if so, is this type of buyers click enter, comparison will lose confidence in the light from the evaluation of the number, the two seems to be really good.