t is better to teach people to fish than to teach them to fish

used to listen to other people saying that teaching people to fish is better than teaching fish, but it makes sense. Now think about it. In real life, it’s a lot of things. For example, in order to improve efficiency and cooperate with others, this time our purpose is to increase efficiency and not expect others to do anything. At this time, it is better to teach people to catch fish than to teach them to fish. The purpose of my talk is to tell you that when we work with others, we need to be clear about why we work with this person. He and your cooperation is to increase efficiency, or for some other purpose, this time we each have good to think, free of excitement, and others cooperation, the results do not change and scattered

, for example, I worked with someone else and made websites. At that time, I just want him to send out the chain, and the result?. Actually I just told him where to go and where to send it, so I don’t need him to dig up the resources. As a result, I taught him all the ways and ideas, and it was better to be outside the chain without having to go out and study how to dig or something like that. I made a mistake this time. I taught him how to dig the chain, hair chain. Never let him give me the hair of the chain, the downtown part.

originally, I go to listen to some people cattle lectures, always hear contacts two words. At that time, just contact the network, think technology determines everything, who is afraid of technology. Think of it. Think of it as a tender thought. Contacts are not necessarily a group of very forced people, as long as that person has prominence in some aspect, even if it is not good enough. As long as it will be enough, in the future can also give you a little help. A lot of times, I go to complain about some cattle, despise people, and I do not want to chat with such a small person. In fact, this understanding is relatively wrong. Because it’s not really that they don’t want to share, but we’re too far away from him, and only if we reach his place or experience, we can say it’s valuable to share with them and communicate with them. Sharing and communication should be an exchange model. Simple hope to listen to others, this will not last long. Because in the case of mutual exchanges, time is valuable for the two talents, and if it is unilateral pay, the time of one party becomes worthless. In fact, life is like this. Switch mode,

for the network I also dare not say what, I experience less hope that the old elders give me advice

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