Go an online travel Taobao can breakdown the financial chain of the tourism industry


and Taobao gave birth to a son, which was called "go"".


born with jade son, Alipay, Tmall, Juhuasuan, and other famous Amoy little brother and sister in front of. This new baby is afraid to will break online travel, carry Cheng, where to go, double the situation that contend for hegemony.

Alibaba group announced that it will upgrade its air travel business to air travel business group, "Taobao travel" upgraded to a new independent brand, "Ali travel ·"; go ".

even at the press conference, whether it is a slip of the tongue or slogan, Li Shaohua shouted "where is not important, the key is to go" slogan, issued a challenge to go, to do holiday market leader.

online travel market space is huge, Ali will not miss this "fat meat"

Ctrip, where to go, eLong, the same process and donkey mother playing a mess online travel market, not the red sea? Why Alibaba will enter,


first of all, the online travel market is a far from saturated, not yet fully developed market, enough to toss about.

listed in the United States, there are four main online travel theme of Chinese companies, Ctrip listed in 2003, 2004 listed elong, and 2013 listed where to go and 2014 just listed cattle way.

is currently carrying a market capitalization of about $7 billion 500 million, where the market value of $3 billion 100 million, four, plus about $12 billion. But the four are far from the end of the market. IResearch predicts that the online travel booking market will reach 500 billion yuan in 2017.

if there is no data to support that everyone saw after the China GDP expansion of tourism demand, the next few years Chinese demand a large block from the tourism consumption, coupled with the traditional tourism industry will continue to the net, online travel market dividends far gone, these a few opponents not even meet on the battleground when there is enough space waiting for development.

followed by Ali’s own need for business expansion.


online travel appeared very early in Ali’s taobao.com, but Ctrip and where to go when Taobao travel just take cities and seize territory tepid, clothing and food is enough to work with Alibaba. The Alibaba moved almost all of its physical goods online, and in September 19, 2014 Alibaba landed at the nyse. Traditional commodity dividends have basically disappeared, Ali and Jingdong carved up. The Alibaba began to split into some of the vertical field of intensive and meticulous farming. For example, this year’s double eleven, Tmall cars will be a commercial hit, Tmall has reached an agreement with Tesla; as for online travel, is Taobao travel channel, take out hundreds of billions of market impact as it should be. >