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said before, in the fourth chapter, we want to focus on, is around a product of life and death, how to plan the operation, and behind the existence of some laws can be followed.

on this topic, there are two main clues that can be explored —

first, according to different stages of product development, or the size of the current market share, to determine how the operation strategy and operation plan is formulated;

second, according to the different product form and business type, to determine how the operation strategy and operation plan is formulated.

, let’s talk about "first"".

in fact, from the stage of development of the product itself, we can divide the product into 4 types:

exploration period product

features: on-line time is not long, the product is still polished, demand has yet to be verified, occupy a small market share, basic can be ignored, can not be accepted by most people.

typical representatives: 2011-2012 years of information, 2010, Sina, micro-blog, including the vast majority of on-line products within 8 months of time.

rapid growth period products

features: demand has been verified, initially has a certain market share, a large number of similar competitors in the market, the need to rely on rapid growth, rapid occupation of the market, out of tight encirclement.

Typical representative of

: the first half of 2016, visitors, 2014 drops of travel, 2013 unfamiliar street.

mature stable product

features: the market is close to saturation, the product itself has occupied a solid market share, growth has been very small space.

typical representative: 2016 WeChat, Baidu maps, the United States grapefruit, aunt and so on?.

decline product

features: alternative products appear, users begin to churn out and transfer to alternative products.

typical representative: watercress in 2016, Tianya community, mop and so on.

normal, a product from birth to death, will gradually experience the above 4 stages, and each phase of attention will be different.

below we look at the next step, the different stages of the product, its operating appearance and concerns, what will be different?.

one, exploration product

, let’s start with a basic argument: the operation of an exploratory product is not for the purpose of gaining a large number of users, but for the future