Local website operation analysis 19 floor what you can not learn

19 floor is a benchmark for local websites, in the field, the 19 floor revenue, traffic, influence are ranked first. It is reported that in 2012 19 of the revenue of 100 million yuan on the floor, the wedding industry revenue reached 40 million yuan. Not only as a benchmark, how to learn? The industry precedent: long lane school founder Qian Yu, West Temple and get its name, No. 19 and its shape, learn knowledge fence industry selection, house365 communication industry operation. However, the book of Tang Dynasty painter Li Sixun said: "I like the vulgar, I learn to die". Every year dozens of family media to learn from Hangzhou, every year one hundred grassroots website copy 19 building templates, why a successful 19 floor? Why you don’t learn



one, 19, you can’t learn the background,

!Every year the

have this problem in the Ningzhe network website: I have a certain newspaper resources, I have a certain television program resources, I would like the 19 floor in a city where I set up


every year there is no less than one hundred urban newspaper business conference, are discussing how to "newspaper network interaction" to open up new media business.

currently has no more than 5 newspapers with more than 30 million new media businesses, but less than 1% of the number of urban newspapers. The private sector, through urban newspapers or television resources started, there is no precedent.

so we began to think about this proposition: does newspaper network interaction work in the end?

answer: useful, but only this resource can not be built on the 19 floor. The success of the 19 floor also requires two major factors:

Internet opportunities for

1 and 19. Generally, a local community has been established, starting in 2003 – 2008. At that time, the local community resources scarce, micro-blog and other forms of community has not yet appeared.

2, restructuring. The Internet environment in Hangzhou has brought about an enlightened newspaper policy. After the completion of the infrastructure construction on the 19 floor, the system has been reformed rapidly, which is weaning, and on the other hand it is getting rid of the shackles. From then on, we have a new world.

the 19 floor of the background you can not learn! Even if you have newspapers, television resources, you do not have the opportunities of the Times newspaper! Even if you have milk, don’t you dare to smash up their a secure job! Even if you dare to smash a secure job, the newspaper is not willing to give you a free


– is this a problem that can be solved by interactive reporting?


, two, 19 floor products, you can not learn


, a personal centre that swept the local community in 2010, has so far only been on the 19 floor. 19 floor "good shop" predecessor is BB hypermarkets, now with a simple single product. In all the scale of local websites, the 19 floor of the product structure is the most concise. Behind the simplicity