Experience sharing local automotive websites

my style of writing is a bit vulgar, please forgive friends, first of all, or to my station do a brief introduction. Yantai hotline has auto channel from set up to now, there have been more than ten years, (the Yantai hotline is a portal, Yantai Netcom’s current flow in the above 50 thousand IP, the http://s.car.ytcnc.net Auto Channel accounted for about 1/4 of the traffic), and is the boss in Jiaodong used car information, every day there are more than 300 second-hand car users information. This traffic in local sites can be said to be very NB, ha ha……. People Netcom is ostentatious, second-hand car has not been knocked by the column is to operate, because it is the main Netcom broadband. Alas, vain resources have wasted so many years!


this summer, I found the leader of CNC and took down the used car section. (O (a _ U) behind o) I have no concept of website operation too much, just think that good website popularity, so good advertising should leverage! So did not think about it, the site to re edition.

After the

was ready, I went to the used car market in Yantai to talk to the car dealers. (I didn’t dare to ask more at first), and the information for them was 300 yuan per year. All of them were collected by us. Then come back to their release, do 4 months, also some income, but I only maintain the daily expenses only, so we expect fees to release information, and the Yantai area of second-hand car web site to do a survey, about five or six large and small home, people are free, then, get charge on site traffic will certainly be affected, because the Yantai second-hand car is still pretty fierce competition website.

how to do? So we do think of new car, 4S shop, and now look at the layout is just passable, and then began to do the new revision, retained the previous second-hand plate, because users to the site are mainly second-hand car. He also made a domain www.911che.com, find a few powerful business and technology, website operation is very good now! I don’t have much culture, I think is pretty lucky, do not put too much publicity effort, can also put the site


I QQ 695416050 M I welcome peer, share your experience! Finally I wish you a happy New Year! Happy New Year!