Content driven product era an editor in chief 100 sales representatives


recently, Du Zijian said a fierce words: it is recommended that every big company to dig a magazine editor in chief, when the company’s network manager. At the 1 million annual salary. Because the "content driven product" era has arrived in general, especially in the mobile internet field, an excellent editor in charge of 100 outstanding sales representatives.

this sentence makes sense.

we say the word "Internet thinking", Lenovo will God carved sirloin, Huang Taiji pancakes, three squirrels or Ma Jiajia, regardless of how they are, the story behind the support system, the key is when we are talking about the Internet thinking, must refer to these enterprises, they have successfully screens. Win.

Internet entrance barbarians worship these names, new media marketing masters also like these names, this is their best trick to flicker. "Do you know that a person who has no experience in restaurant industry has opened a restaurant in two months to assess the value of 4 hundred million?" a Amoy brand became the first seller of net nuts in China in 65 days…… You’ll die if you don’t study."

good stories really bring good publicity. A lot of people might just pick up the story and pay for it.

as the sea bottom fishing, many people toil queuing, just wait to eat a copy, "learn not."".

now? Brother not to eat sirloin instead of pancakes, is chewing on the Internet thinking, but also in the course of their valuation increase.

with the Internet thinking flying, how much publicity fees saved


the virtuous circle is, on the one hand, many people will come at their stories. On the other hand, they will have the money and opportunities to strengthen the back end system and dream these stories.

from the brand promotion, they have been a big winner. This also reveals what I want to say today, all industries are media industry.

1. Where’s the media? Why do companies want to be media?

mobile Internet in the deconstruction and restructuring of various industries, especially the media.

had the most widely read magazine, "bosom friend" and "story", "readers", what do they sell? "Salon" gossip, "story" – piece, "reader" – chicken soup. There’s a huge demand for these three things, and what will mobile internet change?

, turn on your cell phone, and that’s the three thing you need,


news client, micro-blog, WeChat excessive flooding. So, these three magazine kings have become a waste of resources – printing costs trees, sending gasoline. The demand for gossip, gossip, and chicken soup will not change, but the media tools that satisfy them are changing. Some magazines that offer scarce resources still exist, such as high cost surveys