Learn to share your experiences make use of your heart and seek truth from facts

with the development of network technology, the traditional marketing model has undergone changes in turn the world upside down, many people have their own industry network as the most important tool, the blog marketing is the most commonly used as a marketing tool, but it also has human styles. So, as a webmaster of the website, of course, will not let the blog on this stage. Webmasters use blog to record their website promotion process, experience, but also with their own daily life, let everyone know the products at the same time to know the person, the person and the support of more trust products, so as to establish their own brand. So, the blog marketing webmaster how to do? Now some of my personal experience, for everyone to share, in order to encourage each other.

it takes a considerable amount of time to build up a brand. So, to establish a brand, to accumulate popularity, your blog should be simple, personality, good remember. At present, many webmaster is the unique domain name, pen name, the movie name as the domain name, the benefits of doing so is to allow customers to your brand impression, remember it, which will continue to focus the next step. Therefore, in the name must be careful, just like the baby named,. A good name often brings good luck.

first webmaster blog should pay attention to people’s hearts

as the saying goes, those who win the hearts of the people have the world. As marketing, that is, the right to speak, so that customers trust you, so as to trust products. General blog marketing has done so, sellers use articles to promote themselves, so that customers understand, understand, and then buy. So, webmaster blog is bound to do this, but this is not enough, as a webmaster, there must be a win-win plan look far ahead from a high plane, there are ideas, a sense of security to give customers a lasting trust, but also pay attention to the psychological customers, customer and product life, so that we are in a position of equality. As a friend, will make you more image, so that their products have a real sense of quality, to win the customer’s long-term concern.

second blog marketing foundation is to share

The biggest feature of

blogs is the ability to share their lives and products together. Then, webmaster’s blog marketing core is also sharing. Generally speaking, the webmaster all likes to pay close attention to the station experience, the SEO promotion, the profit plan and so on. Therefore, both the old and new owners, you are ready to build in the blog, it should be clear the basis of sharing, the failure of their own success experience to speak out, to share to you, others will be recognized and endorsed, will continue to focus on you, will gradually agree with you in mind, your brand the reputation will be gradually formed.

third blog marketing, learn to avoid weaknesses,

said that although the blog marketing benefits, can bring a lot of popularity, but it is just a tool, it just helps you to expand the size of more, let everyone know more about you, understand the brand, but it still cannot replace direct. Again.