How to use original articles portals blogs and forums to increase the chain

first, opening

everything is difficult at first, and so is the promotion of new stations. Adsense network to see the promotion of skills too much, but found that many methods are in fact not used or need. Novice is easy to do, is desperately promoted, each method to try, but this will spread the energy, but the effect will not be very good. According to the 80/20 rule, only 20% of the promotion methods are the most effective, so we should focus on several ways to insist on repeating them. Do not rush, nor three days to bask in nets, two days fishing.

second, tell me a lesson,

new station friends, are anxious heart, and is eager to be included in the search engine. So it’s customary to site on Baidu and Google every day. Now Google is usually very soon included, but Baidu, this depends on the circumstances, if the type of collection, and you do not update, then some of the 1 to 2 months to put included. I’ve bought more than 10 thousand copies of data. Net program data, and 20 days later to release included, has not been updated, so gradually reduced to hundreds of thousands of included but from the flow, also maintained at around 200IP (Note: This is not to update the consequences of lessons!!), I do this when is the model used in the experiment, we do not learn from me, oh. Later, I would like to test the effect of adding links, 3 or 4 days exchanged more than 40 links. You guess what the results, I told you: first, Baidu home snapshot update frequency is much faster; second, the number of included greatly reduced, the original more than 1000, and now about 300 left. Why? Because you are more than the chain, the spider climb to the site from other sites your chance of more, so the page snapshot will update soon, but at the same time, the spider climb your site to find your website, not what the new content, and the content is on the Internet have repeatedly corny the content, so it just K off the page of the original included, the rest are those with a tag page URL (experience: we update the article is to make good use of the tag tag!).

third, import chain importance

why increase the number of the chain? In fact, in order to facilitate search engines, spiders often crawl your web site and included page content. The chain is not necessarily friendship links, anywhere on the Internet, leaving the URL is direct, hyperlinks, then, can guide spider to your web site, these can also be referred to as import chain. Import chain the more the better, the higher the quality, the better, if there are 1 million Web pages have your web site, ha ha, your station must be very high weight. If there are 10 PR6 stations, home links to your station, your station does not want to PR6 is difficult.

fourth, the basic work of the new station

if we don’t know SEO well, we’re new, what should we do,