Ghost feet seven how to convert the whole store to 3 4 times as much as your peers

first, make good use of CRM system, the most important,

no matter what category, and old customers is essential. How, a few shops do not have a large number of sleeping and old customers? There are several maintenance of these old customers? Now the function of member relationship management system stores the background is very comprehensive, to use the CRM system of the third party. Do two words: precise.

carries on a fine classification of all members, including the purchase model, the number of purchase, the frequency of single orders (very important for consumables), the amount of orders, etc. after classification, we have to do a few points:

1, analysis of customer purchase frequency, for example, the customer is two months to buy once, you almost 1 and a half months or so can start mail + SMS group, this can wake up a considerable number of customers. By the way, the majority of text messages are now smart phones, so the wireless terminal is also the most important, SMS contains links, to improve the wireless terminal traffic is also a good way.

2, when the store has big promotion, you should do the EDM in advance, this can be for all members.

3, when you encounter a single product to do activities, we can SMS or mail to inform the members of the purchase of a single product records, the conversion rate is quite high, traffic is very accurate.

4, analysis of the amount of orders, set a scope for large customers, for large customers set a certain degree of preferential, general customers are your loyal members, maintenance costs are very low.

5, EDM marketing must not overflow, control good transmission frequency.

second, good customer service,

hard drainage come in, it is necessary to test the ability of customer orders, and then to improve customer service orders efficiency, to avoid losing customers. This job needs to communicate with the customer service supervisor. There are some main points as follows:

1, pre-sale and after-sales separation, when the store has a certain passenger flow, must be pre-sale and after-sales separation, if not separated, it is often a wonderful, can cause you no mind to pick up a single. In addition, customer service is a test of mental capacity, so customer service and pre-sales customer service can be set according to the class system, improve the efficiency of.

2, for customer service, there should be some provisions of decentralization, many companies are all dead, is not shipping, is not is not less Maling. Here, I think we can give some small customer rights, such as the background of the old customers can send coupons, appropriate, send some old Maling members exclusive gifts, the effect will be very good. These do not seem to have any technical content, but the actual implementation of the results will be very good.

3, customer service do not battle fatigue, we have always been 40 hours a week for customer service, continuous work more than four hours rest time, customer service scheduling with open and the most taboo is to make a break a one-time, work 12 hours, so the efficiency is very low. "