A fun site founded 9 years daily visits over 2 million years into 200 million

Abstract: consumers do not have the concept of interest products, more mention is "adult products."". The dark tunnel, the dim light and subtle facade only "Adult supplies" four characters is abrupt and eye-catching, this is for a long time we have been on the impression of market activities.

in the interest goods electricity supplier market, the interest network is always particularly lucky.

he fun, since landing three new board, revenue soared from 225 thousand and 400 to 34 million 177 thousand and 700, net profit soared from -80.36 yuan to -881.80 yuan. Because it is in the early stages of development, business transformation, business scale expansion, R & D costs increased and other reasons, so he has been interested in the net profit has been negative.

and net interest, from 2006 founded the fun supplies electricity supplier website, after twists and turns, today’s "fun" is the largest independent B2C China fun supplies electricity supplier platform, 2016 is expected to increase the turnover to two hundred million.

fun network, in this field of vertical division of interest products, how exactly is it counter attack listed companies, become the dark horse in the industry?

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CEO is the business world in

May 24th, the weather was fine, the reporters came to the Yuzhong area Daxigou vision center 9 floor, see the B2C platform independent fun supplies electricity supplier China biggest CEO Wang Weimin.

Wang Weimin is an honest man, when the capital into fun supplies market, seeing his later interest, the hall with the power of capital, become a listed company, he is not willing to import capital, he believes that the time is not ripe. In the interest of goods, electricity providers entrepreneurs, Wang Weimin definitely count as veterans, but also one of the few strong to the end of the people.

founder Wang Weimin


founded in 2006, "fun goods" business website, after the twists and turns, and now its "fun network" is China’s largest B2C independent consumer goods business platform, the annual turnover exceeded one hundred million.

earlier, Wang Weimin had the Fuling mustard business, engaged in mobile phone wholesale, sold 00 tickets, and done a lot of projects, but also made some money. In his words, "I want to do something and try everything."."

at that time, Wang Weimin thought about what he should do every day. By accident, he found that maybe the Internet was an opportunity.

says, do it. Wang Weimin took a series of brother and sister, they are responsible for the page design and product upload website, Wang Weimin responsible for pulling out of business, seeking to find sources, logistics etc..

at first, Wang Weimin wanted to sell spice products, but there was no soil for fun. Consumers do not have the concept of interest products, more mention is "adult supplies."". The dark tunnel, the dim light and subtle facade only "Adult supplies" four characters — >