3 mattresses 5 years =20 million net worth CEO See how Airbnb creates miracles of wealth

Abstract: at the beginning of 2009, Airbnb at a rapid growth, attract venture capital firm Sequoia Capital and angel investor Paul · Graham’s attention, and put it into the incubator, $600 thousand for Airbnb’s "seed round of financing.

, two art students who want to start a company, can’t afford the rent or what to do. To make ends meet, they used 3 unused mattresses and rented them to 3 people who needed room and board. Even more for the dream, they are determined, based on the "idle things will be used, it will produce value" concept, and continue to extend and enlarge, made short-term leasing business and commercial operation of the company model.

5 years later, they created the "air board (Airbnb) – (Airbnb.com) travel community housing lease, the tenant across more than 170 countries of the more than 9000 City, houses, tree house, ice house, ancient castles, lighthouse or yacht boat, a travel vacation," odd tenant living in the house ", looking for accommodation accommodation by the United States," Time "called" housing in EBay".

as of now, three rounds of financing received a total of $307 million, the company’s market valuation of more than $2 billion. What is it that allows them to transcend reality and dreams, create wealth and wonder?


started from scratch and started with 3 mattresses,

Blaine · and Joe ceschi; · gebbia is an American design college alumni, school is majoring in industrial design. After graduating from University, only in other people’s company for two years, two people both resigned, ready to do some of their own business, but what to do, they are not clear.

at the beginning of 2008, Blaine · and Joe ceschi; · Jie Shakespeare is 25 years old, after resigning from Losangeles moved to San Francisco, I realized they couldn’t pay his rent, had to flat-share housing, living together.

arrived in San Francisco at the end of the first week, coincides with the American Association of industrial design in the city held a meeting, Blaine · ceschi natural ground outside attention, browse the internet conference site, see a hotel full of almost all news, whim and friend Joe · gebbia chatted: "Hey, if we can to come to attend the meeting of designers to provide beds and can provide accommodation, breakfast is good, so, we only need to settle down and designers can earn money."

Joe · gebbia heard him say this, feel pretty good idea. They do not even have a decent furniture, the room was full of clothes, with the move over simple wardrobe and other daily necessities, there is no vacant beds.