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July 19th, "Tencent products Salon: 90 entrepreneurs special" held in Beijing, this article is the founder of the volt cattle Zhang Tianyi at the Tencent products salon share content.

Zhang Tian life in 1990, founder of Fu Niu Tong, Peking University Master of laws. In April this year, he wrote "my master’s graduation, why sell rice noodles" in the circle of friends to spread widely, "master powder" has become a hot word.

below is the full text of Zhang Tianyi’s speech.

No. I don’t want to ride a bike until I get stuck in a traffic jam.

simply speaking, I’m selling rice noodles. My store is called Fu Niu Tong, which was established in April 4th this year. At first, I had 100 thousand dollars with me and three small partners. I looked for the corner of the basement of the world financial center on the tall tower, and opened a 30 flat beef noodle shop. To this day, the ox house has been operating for three months, and our better and stronger outward SOHO shop has also opened. Three months, how have we changed,


first, team members from the original 4 people into 14 people now, and the place from the first 30 square into the current 180 square. In just three months, our staff has turned almost 300%, and the floor area has nearly doubled by 400%. I have been looking at the history of human development, and it seems that there is only one party that can achieve such rapid development, and that is our party. So, for the moment, Fu Niu Tong is still a promising enterprise.

The status of

seems more beautiful, but put the lens back three months ago, we look at the bitter years. How did we start? And why do we sell rice noodles,


said that the topic of selling rice flour was very heavy, because I was a fresh graduate just six months ago. I was faced with the problem of finding a job and never thought of starting an undertaking. I study the financial law, the work direction is very narrow, hard to force people to go to Financial Street, forced to go to the investment bank. So when I was looking for a job, I had two puzzles.

first, everyone went to the investment bank to finance, who will do the entity, investment bank money to whom, I found that now is not the project investors, but investors chasing the project run, money nowhere.

second, when all the people go to squeeze only a few choices, there is a lot of work done by nobody. It’s like a day when I went to work in the cattle house and passed through China World Trade Center. A scene on the three ring road was always a traffic jam. China World Trade Center is a good place. Everyone wants to go, but it is more likely that not all of us will come to this wonderful place, but they will all be on the way to a good place.

so at half past eight every morning, one of my most exciting things was riding my broken used bike and slowly leaving behind a Mercedes, BMW, TOYOTA, and Honda. Entrepreneurship is more like a passive choice for me. I don’t want traffic jams, so I choose to ride a bike. We are non mainstream entrepreneurs, forced out, afraid of a life, so choose another life. We know, such as >