How to get Baidu to give you a place to stall

site to do a lot of traffic is so low, Baidu is not included, how can such a site status, and how to develop to us to create wealth, said Google, the new station a few days to be collected, there is a good, close a lot of pages, but really really don’t come from Google IP, in the domestic network only by Baidu to IP to flow to survive, this is the fact that Baidu is the site of the market, want to squeeze a stall is really not easy, who let us poor stationmaster.

Baidu included a large number of websites, look at these sites included clear why, this website has value, content, users can satisfy the conditions of use, so Baidu included, look at your own website, whether there is value, can give what users bring value to go back to study under the. Like some people do movie site, see how people around you how to see the movie, you know, do the movie station, Baidu will give you place stall?.

some Adsense web page for this one, every day in the study site how to do a little bit more beautiful, spent a lot of time and effort in this regard, this does not make the importance of art in this area, but not in do not overdo sth., QQ space. Some friends every day in the collection of people things to enrich the site, for a long time, you can make the station one of several major portals: -) to the content for Baidu will take you to the station as a dumpster, so your previous effort will be all white fee. Some offbeat special things to come, so that you can squeeze up, will give you a place to stall.

to the forum to send valuable paste or write what the what, the whole point of what new thing (hype effect) add your link to the site, the network related to the content of your website more, your station also was adopted by Baidu, which is approved by users.

purpose is to let Baidu give us the position, it will study under Baidu, Baidu how to collect the page, how to give you the position, where to you, which should go to study, in order to achieve the goal. Specific how to do, not a few words can say, I’ll give you an analogy, if you are Baidu, you will include what kind of page? Think about it, maybe it will help you. Well, as long as the site is well done, the gold will shine wherever you can, and the Baidu will not shine.