Adsense offline communication is very important

I do webmaster time is not long, the webmaster word also gradually understand. Many people say that the webmaster is generally very lonely, language ability is not how to do, is good at knocking on the keyboard chat, this point, I believe that many webmaster are in favor of!


in fact, for the webmaster, the webmaster in the communication between the webmaster is quite necessary, so now have Admin5! Thank you Admin5 to China webmaster such a communication platform


, I always think, do stand, as long as the Baidu recent years well, but to see the exchange experience between many master here to know, make a stand, absolutely not rely too much on search engine! Also know, do stand, only in the exchange, we learn from each other, mutual discussion and my own experience and share, learn from the experience of others at the same time, as to their site is very good


I have been behind closed doors. Fortunately, Admin5 gave me such a platform for communication, in Shenzhen this place, it is difficult to find someone to communicate with, not to mention the webmaster. And also here, let me know a few Shenzhen webmaster. Pipiru and technology……

last August 8th, is the opening of the Beijing Olympics, Pipilu about me and you see a face, I ran the afternoon! We met, the exchange, the way to see the opening of the Olympic Games! And they chat, really benefit, because they are very successful really long! A little, listen to your words, better than reading ten books! From the conversation they also found the word "stationmaster" will contact them together! Then I found that the original owners, communication is very important, especially the next line of communication, also refers to the reality of the exchange!

here, thanks a lot, Pipiru, and 2 other seniors for me,