A summary of operating local portals

1. home should have "media" consciousness. The media is the channel for the dissemination of information.

2. local portal site columns is the first effective release, local people need information query, can do some local news, but don’t focus too much on the web can refer to Lanzhou hotline (www.0931.cc) to see information news to Sina, the NetEase, not directly to the local portal to see. Local doors should have local details, and this is often a national gateway, and it can’t be done. Most of the local Internet inquiries are property information, talent information, dating, dating information, secondary information, local service institutions telephone information, merchants promotional information, etc.. Then, as a local gateway, we should increase the intensity, focus on the actual collection and release of these information.

3. local news activities combined with website promotion

For example,

studio, and children’s kindergarten cooperation make baby show activity, and newspaper cooperation in online essay contest, and the women’s Federation collaborated on 38 Federation online voting activities, cooperate with businesses to make products online quiz prize contest, what city Miss Flower selection, selection, painting and calligraphy exhibition, photography exhibition, video show etc.. Various activities can participate in, participate in an activity, influence a group, bring a batch of users, discover a batch of customers, achieve the purpose of publicity.

4. institutions of local government, local TV broadcast, local newspapers, local industry associations, local information intermediary companies have their own channels of information collection, can consider cooperation, and these institutions, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, to help them achieve the content network but also enriches the content of your website, but must take into account if they are suitable for future independent operation and independent operation intention to cooperate with them, then let them enable you to earn their own domain name, the domain name space and system development, content maintenance costs, put him into your customers. If you can develop a reasonable channel investment, promotion and profit distribution mechanism, so that they put in first, after the development of profits, become your channel partners, will enable you to win the advantages of future competition.


5. local portal net profit model business franchise fees, page advertising, advertising alliance income, channel Title income, should adopt what kind of profit model? The key is to look at your advantage if you are good at planning and promotion, you can earn a fee if you channel the crown; outstanding ability you can also earn sponsorship fee to promote cooperation.

any local portal, if you can focus on customer experience, continue to develop, sum up the appropriate and effective promotion method, it is bound to get a development opportunity.

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