How to open a beauty salon beauty salon specific process

is now the beauty industry can be said to be a lot of good projects, but not all of us to open a beauty salon will be successful. If you are still in order to open a beauty salon and worry about it, now you have to slow down your pace, quietly read the following points of valuable experience, will certainly help you.

, is open in the high-end beauty salons or just cheap beauty salons or even just a small beauty

select the appropriate products and equipment according to the location of beauty salons (through the network, magazines, newspapers and other media to choose the location of the />

1, the size of the store: according to its own funds; there should be a reception room and waiting room; the rational design of beauty, makeup, operation desk, bathroom and storage;

2, staffing (i.e. organization): a certain amount of beauty salons in personnel should be equipped with strict and orderly. According to the principle of less and fine to prepare staff. The main management personnel, technical personnel, logistics personnel (such as a manager, and several beautician personnel charges, cashier staff, cleaning staff, motor repair personnel, goods purchase and sale personnel);

3, advertising planning: decoration colors, signs of the write method, the appropriate media such as newspapers and radio stations;

4, estimates the number of visitors is: surplus profit, customer transaction price, unit area turnover, cost ratio; />