LAN division network website promotion of the three stages of soft writing

We all know that

is not easy to publish the article in the Admin5 Adsense online, because the release does not mean to be approved, I remember the first time when the hair casually looking for a good soft Wen, go head to tail, for their own things, see for yourself, feel unwell, but is not. At the same time, soft writing is a basic function of SEOERS, the first day to send an article, not by the second day, an article, is not what the most common gold articles, or not by nature. At that time, feeling a little frustrated, immediately decided to practice basic skills, good writing, before school wrote a composition and diary, had not written anything, just thinking about love, not on paper, not written, next time reading a lot of articles about SEO in, learn some writing knowledge, more important is to consolidate and enrich the knowledge of search engine optimization.

The next

is to help my clients release simple text, Lanke studio started just do small website for the studio and individual small and medium-sized enterprises, customers, is also the only station, do not promote the kind, gradually I also try to do free optimization for our customers, remember the day before I have a client program is uploaded to the space, then let him look at the website, what need to be amended, second days call me said: "the site to do the good, satisfactory, no need to modify what place," he later took a sentence: "I do not search search we stand in Baidu ah", was feeling a little Speechless, also did not say what, just explain to him, the new general takes a month to be included, because we had to carry on the customer’s SEO search Search engine optimization services, I have begun privately free for their propaganda in the local part of the forum posts, and search the forums about customer related business, the answer, do correlation, in Admin5, CSDN, etc. website text, these website a few hours after you can search for me post, higher weight, submitted several search engines and free web site included login. The next week in check collected, Google, Yahoo, soso, Sogou gradually included, Baidu has not included, on the second Thursday of Baidu update, finally included, the search engine basically included.

said so much, is to highlight the role of soft Wen, we must practice basic skills, soft writing three stages:

1, at the beginning, we must not write what, no experience can explain what the case, then we can find inspiration in a large number of articles we read for example, for the keyword optimization, each have their own argument, we can conclude, let learners save SEO later a lot of time, you also for the development of SEO made a small role in promoting.

2, at this stage, we too