Easy two strokes so that users become active users


," Wang said, "you want to have a relationship with your users.". A lot of things, as long as the first time, after the very easy, and I believe that married webmaster brothers more understand this. A forum, as long as users speak for the first time, the barriers to alert will be broken, as long as a little guidance, the users will become active users of the forum. Let me tell you something about my experience.

The first one,

issued a report guide post, this post with a bamboo or Super Moderator identity launched the ID, the best to get a nice MM avatar, of course other types of attractive female avatar can also be. The best time to set the content of the post, the content of the induction of the content is proportional to the rate of speech. Modify the DZ registration file, after the registration of the address of the jump replaced to boot registration post address. OK, the first step is done.

PS, after registration, jump, specify the page modification method. Open the registration document, find the showmessage (‘register_succeed’, dreferer) (showmessage (‘register_succeed’); replace’http://s., you jump to the address’); sometimes it will fail, you put inside the index replace (http://s. you jump address), you can. After trial, this method is feasible.

of course, it’s OK to start a new job.

second strokes, for the star, the worst news is no news, in fact, people have the desire to be concerned about. A post sends out, the post’s host is hoped that the post is paid attention. After the novice registration, we have to do the work in the first time to reply to this post, the more replies the better. If your forum is not very hot, the initiative to welcome new people’s posts will generally be less, then this work is up to our own. We used our different vests to welcome new people. But notice that different vests use different tones.

a vest, also has a good tool, forum assistant can let you dozens of vest field at the same time more than two recruit, use, active users will quickly increase your forum, the fisherman from the Central Plains to the blog http://s.blog.anyouren.com/, QQ568467706