Actual combat analysis the webmaster how to improve the conversion rate of site products

we do whatever you do is what the theme of the site, the community portal, Taobao, customer and so on, our ultimate goal is to hope that he can give us money, as for the community and the portal is basically in the advertising revenue, while Taobao is to deal as a percentage, so even if there is traffic not much use, it is the turnover rate, I have only one station, but definitely not the garbage station, first on the data:


believe that all know this thing, I clicked on the maximum of not more than 20, I do product commission is not high, a product is 10 yuan, according to this calculation is divided into: click click with 92 times, the income is divided into 301, divided by 10, about 30 products, turnover rate up to 30%, here is how I do, not to mention what the wise remark of an experienced person.

1, website keyword reasonable configuration

my site title is some word + word description method, some popular products and methods to integrate the word a word (no search index but the associated search), my word is a keyword mining mining tool + Baidu + Baidu search index drop-down box + Baidu search order, some long tail word no index is very good with these words, high conversion rate, the competitiveness of small, less for promotion.

two, understand user behavior, let each one takes what he needs

guest website now are a lot of single page program, even the content page is the product in the above, such harm no one’s interest. My home is, but I have a navigation (site design), an integrated method of the column, let those keywords by the method in a place to go and not hard to give them a bunch of products, they are looking for is not a product, if they think your article really help he, so users will improve trust, think you recommend the product is good, the turnover rate will go up.

three, website interface design,

no matter what, success is not accidental, do the same station. Therefore, if we want to do well, we must be prominent in all respects, or we will be drowned in the vast Taobao army. The design of the website not gorgeous, but must be concise, clear, can not look comfortable depressed (Apple why sell so well, put aside the function, the interface is not the color), no special requirement, please refer to the first half.

four, traffic acquisition,

no traffic is all nonsense, then why do you want to put in fourth points, because the above three points before the on-line work, as to how to get to see you own ability, I still feel that search engine traffic is very good, accurate conversion rate is high, if you want to learn how to do SEO, the venue of the the home station, there are many people in the share.

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