50 days website record fourth days of website Festival Promotion

today is Valentine’s day, I wish you a happy Valentine’s day the first (late), today’s article is a bit late, because today and wife go out to play, we also should pay attention to their quality of life, do stand just a job, but not a life; two is because yesterday said details and the effect of promotion today to write yesterday. Well, it’s a bit late. Go straight to the topic:

yesterday, the details of the promotion include the following:

Extension of

1.QQ group. I was in their QQ group promotion, no additional groups, I have 10 QQ group, of which 6 are 200 groups.

Promotion of

2. forum. I was mainly a few forum to promote emotional forum in the Xicihutong, do a simple promotion.

3. soft Wen promotion. Is to write articles, mainly in Webmaster nets and some of their blog leave their web site. There is a need to explain, I wrote yesterday for example in the form of special topic address: http://s.qinglvai.com/qingrenjie.html the best in this form, I started a website is not this page, I later in the article put the address, the webmaster friends tell me in the QQ that I can’t open this page, then I it is in a hurry with this page, not fooled everyone, feel shy.

Promotion of

4.sns. I did some promotion in some university groups on campus.

Examples of

promotion are as follows (mainly forums and SNS),:


Valentine’s day test: will test TA fall in love with you,



you’re going to have a solo concert at the three – storey amphitheater today, and you can hear and see you on that level. Where will your object sit on that floor?

A:, first floor.

B: second layers.

C: third layers.

answer: http://s.qinglvai.com/aqcs/76_2.html

mentioned Valentine’s day in the title, to strengthen the effect of post. Using TA without him and her is to attract more users to see these posts. Publicity sites are some emotional forums and emotional groups, so click rate will be high. Send out after the need from time to time with his vest top in the forum, you can choose to look or complain that no, or so good ah, don’t let the

post sink!

yesterday, the site traffic ip:456, today ip:368, today dropped, because today did not go publicity, ha ha, well, to sleep, I wish you all good dreams.

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